Reline Tooling

IMR offers a comprehensive range of tooling and equipment for the implementation of mill relines and associated equipment maintenance.

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Pneumatic Impact Guns

A range of 1” and 1 1/2” drive impact guns for specific applications. We supply these “ready to use” with all pre-application upgrades completed in our workshop.


Shock Resistant Bolt Drifts

These Bolt Drifts dramatically improve job safety when manually knocking in mill liner bolts, with shock resistant handles and an impact surface constructed with a soft face. These are available in a range of sizes to suit your requirements.

Pneumatic Ram & Extensions

An efficient solution to for moving rubber liners during installation. Aluminium construction offers light weight for easy handling and their rugged construction is equal to the tough reline environment.

Liner Lifting Systems

Liner Lifting tools are an alternative method for securing worn liners. They offer significant improvements to efficiency and safety. We manufacture an extensive range of options.

Pneumatic Torque Units by RAD

RAD equipment is designed and manufactured to handle the most rugged conditions without compromising operator safety & functionality.

Engineered Reaction Arms for Torque Units

These Lightweight reaction arms are fabricated to FEA certified and tested designs.

Deep Series Impact Sockets

Impact sockets and accessories, standard series, extended series, custom built extended depth sockets specific to your application, sizes to suit both 1” drive and 1 1/2” drives.

General Tools

Other general tooling available; rubber handled soft head sledge hammers, hoses, low voltage led lighting, etc.

Cutting Tools – Rubber Linings

Long bladed knives ideal for cutting or trimming rubber component during the installation of rubber linings.

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